At HashiCorp.Courses, we believe in hands-on experience-based learning. Our experience has allowed us to perfect our training method, which puts students at the center of attention. Our goal is to develop high-level professional skills and abilities, correcting any gaps.

The quality of our courses aims at maximizing the return on investment in training.



Remote Labs, based on leading public cloud providers such as AWS, AZURE and Google Cloud Platform, guarantee high performance and allow students to hone their skills using an environment similar to the one in which they work in production. Students can access these laboratories via a web platform without having to install software on their computer, thus offering advantages such as a fast and performing laboratory, time savings in installation and the possibility of using their own instrument.

HashiCorp Courses offers several ways to deliver courses to meet specific customer needs. Whatever the choice, the quality level that distinguishes us remains unchanged.

Courses at the headquarters: HashiCorp Courses offers its customers the possibility of delivering official or personalized courses directly at their headquarters, thus avoiding costs deriving from group travel.

Classroom courses: This modality is aimed at companies that need to train entire teams in adequately equipped classrooms.

Live online courses

HashiCorp Courses has been offering remote courses for many years and in this period of particular need, the remote training we provide is optimized thanks to:

  • Virtual classrooms on Zoom
  • Presence and availability of trainers
  • Real-time interaction with the instructor and with the participants
  • Shared blackboard
  • Remote practical workshops
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